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What's going on in our garden

3 Steps to Success in your Garden


Time to get down and dirty! Once the rain let's up, it's time to dig in. Here are 3 tips to ensure you get the garden of your dreams.

Step 1

Get rid of all those weeds. Weeding by hand is still the most effective. Make sure when you pull, try to get the whole root. You can use Round Up for those hard to reach areas. After weeding use some pre-emergent to prevent future weed seeds from sprouting.

Step 2

Unfortunately, most of us have hard clay soil in our area. If you have not amended the soil with any organic soil amendment, now is the time. The employees at Green Thumb really love E.B. Stones' Soil Booster. It helps break up clay while adding organic matter to your soil. Other choices are Planting Compost and/or Planting Mix which will essentially provide the same result. The more organic material you can add to your soil, the happier your plants will be. Turn into your garden soil whatever product you choose while the soil is still moist for easier digging. At the same time you add fertilizer or wait until you plant.

Step 3

Mulching is a great final touch. You can put mulch down now or wait until you plant. Mulching conserves water and keeps the weeds from coming back in a week. It creates a beautiful clean look to any garden bed.

This may seem like a lot of hard, dirty work but the returns will be worth it, and you will find that you won't have to work as hard in the future.

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